Bubble's addin "Full Calendar" shows the time of full day events

The “Full Calendar” event shows the time portion of the start date for all-day events:


When in month view, the time is displayed in a different way for an event that spans more than 1 calendar week (see “12a”). I am not sure why this is.

I would expect no time to be displayed. I have tried two things to solve this

  • modify the translations of Full Calendar, but most likely this format is one of the deprecated translations in one of the recent version updates
  • Add a piece of HTML to change the CSS as follows: fc-event-time { max-width:0} like suggested here.

No success with this so far. Does anyone have a suggestion?

I did some further testing and it turns out the following piece of HTML correctly overrides the style for the time portion:

<style> .fc-event-main-frame .fc-event-time 
    { max-width:0}