Bubble's Data API extremely slow, server timeouts

Bubble’s Data API responses have been extremely slow or inconsistent as of the last couple hours. Experiencing timeouts of over 30 seconds for basic endpoints that call Bubble’s Data API to pull records.

Nothing showing on Bubble status page regarding database or Data API slowdowns. Anyone else seeing this? How to resolve? This is a CRITICAL issue for our application.

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Reach support. Actually, it seem to be back to normal according to chart but there was an issue earlier. If you continue to see this error, reach Bubble support.
I’ve tagged @fede.bubble That could help too

It appears Bulk operations / backend workflows called in the Data Panel on specific records are also not working properly. What is going on here?!

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Can you expand on what the issue earlier was? Still experiencing this issue. Data API not working.

I was having slowness the past hour but now my app doesn’t seem to be loading at all

I have the same problem with existing calls.
But new calls don’t work either, in Postman everything works, but in Bubble it doesn’t work, it can’t initialize the call.
I’m using the latest version 29, but it didn’t work in version 28 either (updated 30 minutes ago)

Not sure this is related to this topic. What is the error you get in Bubble? can you share postman and bubble settings?

Support team got a couple of tickets on this and I also flagged it to engineering to investigate that weird uptick in API latency

Same here, database issues again, searches taking forever, timeouts, etc… This is the third time we have the same issues this last 15 days, where suddenly our capacity hits 100% and anything works or loads data.

First of all, thank you all for raising these issues!

I think there are several different things going on in this thread that aren’t necessarily all related, so would encourage submitting a ticket to ensure we address them all (especially if they are still happening).

@yusaney1 , could you see if it’s still having the lagging issues?
One thing we found was a stuck query that I was able to cancel that I think might have been the culprit for the one you reported but I would like to confirm if your app is in a healthier state now.

Hi @tj-bubble thanks for the response, I already have an open ticket, but the issue for me still persists. If I use the debug_mode I can see entries in the search but the data is not showing up in the page…

We confirmed that the issue had to have been on Bubble’s Data API response time.

@tj-bubble Please share details as to why Bubble’s Data API’s response time was so high. What is Bubble doing to remediate this issue and prevent it in the future?

The high Data API response time (which resulted in our platform not working properly) lasted from 10:30am to 12pm PT but Bubble’s status page shows it being fixed way earlier.

@tj-bubble Data API Calls are failing again. What’s going on? Support is not helping at all.