Why is bubble storage so expensive!

So I’m a little confused by Bubble’s pricing for storage. On the website, it says $10 per 10GB per month. When you compare that with Dropbox they offer 2000 GB (2TB) for £7.99 per month…I would understand some difference in price but rough calculations make bubble 200x more expensive for storage than Dropbox. Am I reading bubble’s pricing correctly or am I missing something?


That’s what I’ve always wondered as well, @eve @josh @emmanuel could you provide any insight on this? What I’ve been doing is monitoring my file storage space to ensure it’s not getting too high and if it is just deleting some of the bigger files that aren’t needed or attached to anything.


This is a good question. I know Bubble uses S3 for storage, you can see that in your database records when you upload and save a file. But if you do a cost calculation for 10GB of data on S3 you don’t get anywhere near $10 a month. You get more like less than $1. I managed to up that with an insane amount of GET and PUT requests to $3.20. I can understand some markup for administrative cost but less than $1 to $10? That’s a bit excessive.

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After looking at several no & low code platforms, my impression on pricing is they either make the editor/builder inexpensive and then make money on storage and server capacity, or vice versa. If a company is offering both sides for nearly free, that’s not sustainable over the long term. That said, if you’re building an app that requires a ton of storage (such as images or documents), then you may want to look at integrating with another platform that has cheap storage.


And lets not forget the fact that plans almost doubled from legacy to current… One would think with the new double priced plans, you would get more storage than before. Guess not…

i just signed up for https://wasabi.com/ which appears to be pennies on the dollar compared to aws… my experience is that you use bubble for core functions, but then if you are using stripe, for example, you want to take maximize stripe’s features (like email/address verification, transactional history etc.) – so i think the same thing goes for storage. you just want to use bubble enough for end users to manipulate data, but not for long term data storage… and wasabi i am hoping also solves the backup issue. there is only 24 hour backup with the free plan, and only 7-day backup with the $30 tier, which is not really backup but just a failsafe…

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Has anyone run into the 10GB minimum and had to update? What does that look like for the average bubble user? I’m not sure on what scale that number of database records is and don’t want to build an application and then find out I can’t use it effectively without it costing me an arm and a leg!

I personally haven’t. The highest ever reached was 5GB out of the 20GB limit I have access to.

It depends on what type of application you’re building. Whether that might be a video streaming platform like YouTube which stores high numbers of storage or something like Instagram, Facebook that require a lot of storage for photos. If it’s a basic web app that doesn’t have file upload or image upload as the main function then you should be good.

But I don’t presume that the process of transferring would be that difficult either.

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Ah makes sense thanks for the advice Johnny!

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