Bubble's SVG files flagged as CardStealer by AVAST

AVAST is flagging Bubble’s SVG files as CardStealer so they are not displayed. Anyone has encountered this issue?

Hi there, @net-tt… whether or not anyone else has encountered this issue, you should go ahead and submit a bug report, if you haven’t done so already.


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Thanks. I have just submitted a bug report.

Just had the same issue here!

File a bug report! bubble.io/bug_report Tagging @bubble for visibility too!

Thanks. I have just submitted a bug report!

Thanks, we’ve received the reports and the team is investigating. At this time, it does not look like this is a widespread issue, although we are continuing to monitor. It’s possible that you have a stale virus database, since there was an issue with Avast reporting this url last week that was subsequently resolved. In general, we’ve been trying to phase out urls that start with dd7tel2830j4w.cloudfront.net from our code, to remove this domain as a potential single point of failure, but some apps may have urls with that domain saved; if you have that in your own app, please re-upload and replace the file.


Thanks for taking the time to reply on the holidays!

Thanks, Josh!