Bubble down? HTML:Script.Inf (Susp)

Avast says my site is infected with HTML:Script.Inf (Susp)

I now can’t open it with Chrome or Edge. Anybody else having this issue currently?

It seems this Avast message was seen when Bubble was under a DOS attack.

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Bubble status appears normal, according to its own status page, so not sure what’s going on: Bubble Status

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got same problem with “avast one” firewall

Yeah same here.

A few months ago Cloudflare reported the entire Bubble.io domain as a phishing site by accident instead of a single user’s app, so it propagated to everyone’s anti-virus. Avast must still have something cached from this incident?

My Repeating groups in the live version doesn’t work anymore ???

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Some of my repeating groups are acting odd as well.

What happened to the RGs? It is broken @bubble

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Has anyone created a ticket/call with Bubble as of yet about this?

It never hurts (per Josh’s own advice) to tag @bubble for visibility on a thread like this one.

Same issue here, I have a client whos entire office run on Avast

Adding the domain as an exception also doesnt work

you have to whitelist all the cloudflare urls as well, for me they have shown after i whitelisted the main url

Same problem, seems to be the same problem they had a few months ago.

i created a bug report 2 hours ago, no response yet.

A few hours ago it worked fine, but now I get blocked from Avast.
What do you suggest?

Same problem here. Need the site up and running now.

apparently all apps are back up… can everyone attest to this?

My app is still down.