Bug? Several duplicant elements being created - Anyone else?

Just checking if anyone else is experiencing this issue - it’s happened twice for me now. When dragging a text or shape element, it creates several duplicate elements. So instead of one text element, I end up with 10 elements that I have to delete.

This has happened on two separate pages I am working on over the last 10 minutes. Would be great to see if anyone else has this happening to them.

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Yes, unfortunately, have experienced the same thing. Its not every time, but a lot times I’ll draw out an element e.g. text and it will create 3 or 4 elements - usually on top of each other. I’ve noticed a correlation between drawing out the element and sometimes lag in the editor (especially in big apps), if you click while the element is still rendering, your very likely to end up with multiple dup elements.

It’s worthy of a bug report, though sometimes difficult to replicate. For me it’s usually after a few hours in the editor where the issue becomes apparent. Again it could be related to the editor slow done with the high RAM usage.

The bug appeared a while back, then disappeared, but now it seems to be back in the editor.

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Thanks for the response - I’ll see if it happens again and will log a bug report in that case. Hopefully the Bubble team are able to replicate it and see what the cause is.

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