Bug in the Execution of Conditional Workflow


I am experiencing an unexpected behavior. The condition is applied in the workflow but it is not being executed in the debugger. In the debugger, workflow is being executed every time and I am unable to see the condition.

Any help would be appreciated!

Difficult to help without screenshots or more information …

You can see in the attached screenshot that I have the condition setup in the editor for the workflow. But in the debugger, I can’t see that condition that’s why this workflow is running even when it is not intended to.

I have been there. You are right. The debugger does not show certain things that one would need to see when debugging. One of those situations usually are results.

It may be due to Bubble running actions in parallel and the debugger unable to reliably provide information so they choose not to show this type of information.

I have figured out a solution. Thanks for all your help!

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