Bug? - Math.js API not working like in BMI Calculator Example

Hello - running into odd territory when trying to replicate the Math.js API example from the video’s section.

I have an expression and when I go to “insert dynamic data” to link to an input’s value, then entire formula gets blown away. I’m selecting/highlighting the value that I want to replace with dynamic data (exactly like in the BMI example) but am left with only the dynamic data value and not the rest of the formula.

Bug? Am I missing something simple?

Screen grabs attached…

38 PM

The workflow for the API Connector has changed since the BMI video was created. Below is a screenshot of the API setup for the MathJS call.

Now when you press ‘Initialize call’ the following popup will show. This shows what data the API returned and allows you to tell Bubble how to assign it. The ‘result’ field can be a ‘number’ or ‘text’ for this example.

Inserting dynamic data merged with static text can be a bit tricky. I like to prepare my static text (the formula in this example) first then insert the dynamic data. You can use the mouse or the arrow keys to place the cursor in the correct spot where you want to insert the dynamic data. What works for me is to insert the dynamic data in one spot, reselect the equation, move the cursor to the new insertion spot and insert more dynamic data.

2017-10-03 16_33_36-mycaters2 - Bubble Editor
2017-10-03 16_37_35-mycaters2 - Bubble Editor
2017-10-03 16_38_24-mycaters2 - Bubble Editor

I’ve only been using Bubble a couple of months so I’m still learning.