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Math.js Formatting Question

Hey Everyone,

I’m trying to use Math.js and the formatting isn’t seeming to work. I can’t seem to figure out if this is a bug or I’m doing it wrong. Here’s a short video clip about what I suspect could be a bug, and then more about the situation.

I’m using the GET command on the plugin for this. I tried shifting over to a POST but I keep getting this error message:

This is my call

Any guidance would be incredible!

You have to add the parameters (Key/Value) if you use GET – see below. After this is setup you can then dynamically change the value using workflow on a page.

Thanks for the help. I did this and it doesn’t seem to let me format the result afterward. If you look at the video clip that I linked, you can see how it “bugs” up.

Had to request access for the link you posted.

See this post for a useful program for screen recording Using Screencastify to record your screen and issue

Shoot my mistake. Try one more time.

Checking out screencastify…

Definitely looks like a bug. The old API connector works fine, but the new one doesn’t.

Here’s my test link:

It’s currently using the API named Math, which was setup in the API Connector (old).

I also created one in the new API Connector, but it doesn’t give you the ability to select what you want from the API return call.

Interesting. I’ll have to use the old connector then. Thank you.

Heads up on this @emmanuel. This may be something affecting other connections on the new API connector too.

Please file a bug report (using the old connector isn’t a good idea).


Pleased submit a bug report at

We added the option to mark a call as returning numbers, which solves the problem here.

Doesn’t show

You can see the raw response, but no way to specify what the value should be (text,number,etc.)

You have to do this at the call definition, it’s not JSON, it’s number.

There’s nothing showing. See

Doh. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t appear to return anything