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Bug on grouped / aggregated data in repeating group

Hey, come across what I think is a bug today and hoping someone can lend a hand :pray:

Seems connected to this issue - "Group by" doesn't work properly with aggregation "max" for "Created Date" field

Problem arises when I display grouped/aggregated data in my repeating group, which includes an aggregate field using a MAX(datefield).

Data displays perfect, so definitely works to begin with. Problem arises when I add some new data to the database, it seems that bubble doesn’t handle the process of updating the MAX(datafield) properly, as all of the dates being displayed go blank.

After refreshing the page however, all the data is once again displayed perfectly.

Hoping someone can take a look - let me know if there’s anything else I can do! :smiley:

Hi @lee.shiouxios,

If you have a case where this can be reliably reproduced, I strongly suggest submitting an official bug report so that it gets in front of the Bubble engineers and gets resolved.


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