Bug on reusable popup inside a auto sort repeating group

Does anyone know how to fix this bug if I added a popup inside a reusable element that is also inside a sorted repeating group.

The bug will happen if there’s a user opening the popup and another user added a new item the data will be lost inside a popup. Here’s my https://runnel-testapp.bubbleapps.io/version-test/test_repeating_group

You can not have a popup inside of a repeating group…popups can only live on a page or in a reusable element, so despite having placed the popup into a reusable element, which can be done, you then put the reusable element into a repeating group and expecting the popup to show within the cell of the repeating group, which can not be done.

Hi @runnel.yoonet,

If I understand correctly, you might be experiencing the issue described on this page of the documentationn, which states in part…

Generally speaking, it’s not good practice to have a popup inside each cell of a repeating group. For one thing, it needlessly adds “weight”to the page.

There are at least a couple alternative approaches where the popup resides outside the repeating group. One would be to store a reference to the “selected” cell’s thing in a custom state, and then reference that custom state from the popup.

Thank you I’m currently using a template and there’s reusable element with a popup inside maybe I might try to redo this part

Just to be clear though (for others who might stumble upon this thread), it is perfectly valid to have a Popup inside a reusable that’s inside a RG (just as you can have a Group Focus within a reusable inside a RG).

I’ve worked on a number of projects which use that design pattern (from reputable agencies). It’s not an uncommon practice. It’s just not a particularly good one IMHO.

The “disappearing data” issue you were experiencing is most likely due to the list being re-sorted after a new item is added, thereby resulting in the Popup referencing a different cell, so its data source changes (and thus the display values disappear).

Anyway, I think you’re on the right track by moving the Popup outside the RG.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


The issue you’re experiencing could likely be fixed while keeping the Popup where it is, but refactoring so that it’s outside the RG is a better approach IMO.

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