Pop-up just not working in group

Good Morning

I have a repeating group which contains 8 columns. I’m trying to create a popup witihn that group which would appear when a link ‘read more’ is clicked. Nothing I try works and it appears that popups are hidden and you can’t see or find them in a repeated group. This is getting really confusing and making a mess of things.

Would someone be willing to look at what I did and guide me to fixing the situation? This would be for a good cause as it is related to the virus.

Thank you,


Hey John,

I don’t know if this is a typo buy you can’t display a popup (a Bubble element “popup”) within the repeating group.

If you want to use focus group that shows when the read more button is clicked, then read this doc from airdev, it’s super simple hack.


But the question is, do you want a popup or a focus group?

I have a text line stating 'click here to learn more" and then a detailed popup description is suppose to appear.

Does this help?

Okay I assume you have this text inside the repeating group cell.

Just create a workflow; when the text is clicked:

  1. Display data -> choose popup as element, data source: Current Cell
  2. Show popup

That’s it

If you have close or an icon X to close popup Don’t forget to reset data for your popup. This will clear it for next time you show the popup. To avoid seeing old details momentary before New details load in :slightly_smiling_face:

This is getting really funky.

I got the popup finally to appear but it’s void of content. Inside the logged in user account shows the description but from homepage (not logged in) nothing.

I compared the two closely and can’t figure out what I’m missing.

Check the privacy rules in Data -> Privacy

How exactly do you navigate there? Bubble is very new to me.

If you can’t figure it out you can send me a link to the app and I will take a look at it.