Referencing a specific cell in a repeating group

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a repeating group showing a list of properties, with each property containing an “info” icon. Clicking the icon should open a pop-up with that property’s info, but I can’t get the popup to reference the cell the info button was in. I’m using the repeating group’s list of properties as the popup’s data source, but am forced to select “first item”.

How can I get the info page to reference the cell in the repeating group that was clicked? In the example attached, clicking on the info icon would open a popup with information about the property. Unfortunately I’d get the same info regardless of which cell in the repeating group I clicked on .

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 20.52.34

Unrelated to this question, but related to the screenshot…

How do I get the group with the rounded corners to also round the corners of the image within it?

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 21.01.42|424x479

Hi @caspian.james,

For the 1st question:

  1. Put the your info icon into a Reusable Element
  2. For that reusable element choose “Group” as “Type of element” and “Property” as “Type of content”
  3. Add this reusable element into your RG. Choose the relevant data source.
  4. Now inside of the reusable element you can reference current “Property” item


The pop up data thing needs to be on the same thing as the item within the repeating group list, not the list itself.

They data source can then been ‘item at current index’

An alternative to @BubbleSam s solution (without using reusable): In the workflow that opens the popup you need to use the “display data” action and set the popup’s data as this cell’s thing. Or you can set a state on the popup of that thing’s type and set the value of the state to the current cell’s thing. Same impact.

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Set the border to 90. That will make the group and the image a circle. 90 x 4 corners.

I tried this and @BubbleSam 's solution and found myself getting confused with reusable elements. I’m sure both work, but this seemed simpler (at least to me). Thanks both!

I’m not sure what you mean. Setting the image border to roundness 90? Or the card styling (repeating group) roundness?

Yeah I don’t think there’s a way to use the group to “clip” or “mask” its contents - it’s frustrating. What I do would do in the image is “set borders individually” and specify the top left and top right border roundness to match the border roundness for group.

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I mean setting the roundness of the border on the image.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 23.09.33

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Nailed it again. Thank you!

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