Bug popup when adding a user to a list of things

I’m new to Bubble - but this seems like a legit bug. I made a simple forum page a couple of weeks ago, the bug has been there from day 1 - on a seemingly very simple operation - I get “Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!”

In the forum a user can upvote/downvote a post, the forum post contains a “list of users” that have down voted, and a “list of users” that have upvoted. Simply adding a user to either of those lists causes the error. It can’t be because of a duplicate value since even the first vote of any user causes the error

The page is at https://stereo-database.bubbleapps.io/version-test/forum but since you can’t vote unless signed up, you’ll have to click the “X” (upper left) to the homepage and sign up. When you return to the forum just try and up or downvote - you’ll get the error

Hope I did this right - I will watch here for a reply - or you can reply on the forum itself



The offending screen shot - “Post Parm” is the “Forum Post” parameter to a custom workflow, it’s “list of down voting users” gets an item added

This bug will be disappearing on the above linked form soonish, I’ve created a separate test form wherein the same voting actions appear to not cause the popup bug window. So, with a couple hours of hacking I think I can make this problem disappear.

As it seems the problem is somehow related to the particular form it’s housed in (despite seemingly being a database operation that triggers it), this probably isn’t a wide concern. Perhaps something to do with the fact that the action was triggered from a custom workflow with a parameter passed - that parameter being the record to be operated on? Who knows…

Over & Out on this one

Left a copy of the bug form here

IDK about the bug, but I recommend getting rid of the list of users field, and instead make a new datatype called “Vote” with fields User, Post, and an option set so it can be an Up or Down vote.

Then when they hit upvote they create a new vote in your database. You will need some conditions to make sure it’s only upvoted/downvoted once

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