Build a great design with Bubble

We started bubble 18 months ago, it has some bugs with groups and responsiveness but we were okay.

We made poor designs but we’ve made hundreds of iteration thanks to bubble editor.

Today we can proudly say that you can build great custom design with bubble with small budgets.

Live here

Happy Bubbling & Kudos to the bubble team,


Fantastic work! Congrats

thats the problem I see with most Bubble apps. People have good ideas but the design makes it impossible for the app to get some traction IMO

good luck


I couldn’t agree more. A good idea is only as good as its execution. Both backend and frontend. Consumers expect nothing else.

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Thanks ! I believe that bubble give so much freedom that we tend to put too many things ending in poor designs.
Less is more :slight_smile: !

new polished templates will bring bubble to the next level.

Pushing bubble a little bit further to its limits with google map integration (marketplace) :balloon:

Live here


Also happy to be featured bubble app of the day last month :slight_smile:

It seems that your app’s data loads really slow.

30+ seconds passed and still loading.
Have you tried something like Algolia?

All pages on the site open up immediately for me

I am talking about the RG load time, not about the page loading performance.

This site is one of the more stylish and good looking bubble sites I have come across, just one thing design wise I really don’t like is the yellow when you hover over buttons. To me it feels really out of place and doesn’t compliment the cool monochrome feel of the site.

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The yellow lamp light is cool though. How did you make that?

Thanks for reporting this !

At the moment I dont see any caching feature…

Algolia is more for search no ?

small detail but we love it too :bulb:
here is how we did it :slight_smile:


As simple as that. Thanks for sharing man!

Thanks for your feedback
To be honest I am still confused about when to use the colors we have…
Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 14.31.50

Still testing around

Sorry, honestly I am new to performance optimization and I thought that I can use Algolia to speed up RG, because the “Search for .,” is used in RGs as Data Source.

Good luck. This is just my personal taste, but i’d experiment with shades of red and blue. The orange and yellow are too bright. On a different site they may look good but the contrast with the black and white feels too extreme

I would personally ramp up the orange to at least 80% opc - #FF6600 and drop the yellow altogether as having two closely aligned secondary tones is not good UI. Maybe close off with a toned down gray (Grey) to offset the black where needed due to the fact that you place a lot of brand emphasis on hard lines and ‘shapes’.

Thanks for your feedback, for the moment orange / yellow colours only happens on hover or click.

The goal is to keep the black and white, the only colours would be the pictures.

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Bro your site looks much better now. And its still one of the best looking Bubble sites I’ve seen.

My site is still a work in progress but I am also using a monochrome design. Here is a sneak peek:

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