Build MVP for Real Estate Negotiating App

Sup Bubble,

I recently came across this site after spending all my hard earned cash on useless wireframes that are barely clickable. lol. This seems to be a great alternative and in my opinion has the potential to replace wire-framing in general. Maybe I am wrong. Anyways, I have been lurking the forums and it just seems the community here is really into helping each other out. Thats awesome. I went through the tutorials and have watched a few videos, but I learn best when I watch amazing people do what their great at. I started messing around with a start from scratch and you will laugh at my visual pages that have no workflow or logic yet.

Im working on this idea for a negotiation app related to real estate deals. It aims to allow negotiating parties to get the high level deal terms sorted out before spending thousands of dollars on legal fees for attorneys to draft purchase or lease documents. Generally this period of pre-document negotiation is known as submitting a letter of intent. Non binding contracts for the purposes of discussion.

While the front end of helping users negotiate is great. The real value here is in the data we obtain. It will allow us for the first time to view what parties “want” instead of what the market dictates. A few items I think would be helpful:

  • Payment integration
  • Ability to create a deal term sheet, invite opposing team, submit, email out invites to opposing team
  • Ability for opposing team to accept or counter each deal term
  • Deal term inputs must be formattable and not just a one line input (has the capabilities like this posting box)
  • Ability for a pdf export of the final negotiated terms to be sent out to both parties and all invited members instantly.

Although it would be great for someone to just do this and make it magically appear out of thin air in a week I would like to sit in on the building process and make it a collaborative effort. Always nice to have a buddy on the line when your in full send mode. Also I could answer any questions about the vision.

Oh, and if you happen to live in los angeles, we could totally meetup.

Welp. You all rock. Thanks for your time. Looking forward to gauging interest :slight_smile:

please check pm

Hello @aloecf ,

We’ll be glad to help you out with this. Check your PM please.

Regards Ezcode Team !