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Build Your First App [5/20]


I’m following the tutorial “Build Your First App - Building the Sign-up System” and I not getting the same results as the video author.

I succed to sign up with my username and password. I can check that the user officially signed up by going into the data tab but can’t see his name

But in the tutorial we can see a Name

Have any ideas ?

Hi there, @bob.thebuilder… I had never watched that video, so I checked it out, and it is a bit confusing because they aren’t populating the Name field during the sign up process but a value magically appears in that field on the data tab.

Maybe they show how they are populating that field in a different lesson, but if they don’t, you can easily give a user the ability to enter their name by adding an input element to the sign up form where the user can type their name. Then, in the workflow where you sign the user up, set the Name field to be the value of the input element where the user entered their name.

You could also go another route and extract the alias (which in this case, happens to be the user’s name) from the email address and populate the Name field with the alias as part of the sign up workflow.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your answer.

I tried to use the second route and extract the name from the email address but I didn’t succed.

I think something is missing in my Bubble App.
I watched the video from the start but I didn’t see the error.

Have you tried to code this video (steps 1 to 5) ?

Best regards

No, I have not worked through that video, but I have implemented plenty of sign up forms in my Bubble days. :slight_smile:

Extracting the alias from the email address should be pretty straightforward… can you share some screenshots of what you have done?

Hi Mike,

You were right, in a next video [13/20] I build a settings page to fill in the name of the user.


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