Bubble not signing users up correctly

Suddenly my app started signing up the users with only their email, its not even possible to do that in the register form… You can only press the signup button after filling all the inputs such as name, phone number and email. But in the database the users are being saved only with their email…
I’ve already tested creating an account my self and also asked some friends to do the same and it works fine, the accounts are created correctly… I don’t know what to do or what could be causing this problem, it simply started suddenly.

My users database entries:

My signing up workflow

I would appreciate any help.

Make sure you’re not hiding the group containing the input before you sign them up. This is an annoying issue.

When you hide the group, the input might be going blank.

Hi there, I’m currently facing the same issue with my users being signed up without first name or last name saved even if the fields are mandatory to trigger the sign up workflow - did you end up finding a fix for that? thanks!