Building a CMS with Bubble

Hello there,

I about to build an application for my company that would require me to have features of a CMS like, creating pages, Different Page layouts, multiplanguage capabilities and a nice WYSIWYG Editior.
Are there any existing plugins (haven’t found anything) that I am not aware of?
Has anyone ever tried to build something like that?

ATM all I have in mind is a super complicated way to have one page that displays anything. But sooner or later that would result in a mess.

I would appreciate any hint, tip, though or ideas on how to build this.

Thanks in advance

I have few drag and drop builder plug-in options we use for a few use cases.

Email builder

Simple Web builder

Advanced drag and drop builder column style with a full SEO blog, 35 widgets, etc (wix in a box)

Blog builder

Advanced web builder free form style not restricted to columns