Can I build a website builder?

Is there a way I could create a website builder in here? And is there any good themes in the marketplace that would provide for a good jumping off point?

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I have a few, mostly use external library’s.

@cassiawatts1 welcome to the community!

Yeap is possible to some degree. See example below:

Not aware of any templates that help you do this. It would be pretty much your own undertaking :grinning:


Yes! You actually can definitely do this but you would need to know how to code currently. One plugin I am in the works on has support for drag and drop for no coders to do this in the future but is not in the near term currently.


It is though. I have 5 drag and drop builders on bubble

1 public using external service
2 private using external libraries.
1 private plugin using JS full source code created in bubble
1 using pure bubble.

Pure bubble is definitely going to be the most time intensive and expensive with limited features in comparison.


Yes exactly. Which is why you would most likely need to use a third party library of the likes GrapesJS, VvvebJs or your own custom builder built by yourself or others to get something to build a website within a bubble app.

Drag and drop functionality and website builder are two very sperate things.

@chris.williamson1996 What are some external services and libraries for this? I’m looking to create a page builder that does not have “drag and drop” functionality, just adding/reordering sections.