Building a data report in Bubble


I’m new to Bubble and I’m trying to figure out if it’s a fit for a project I’m currently doing.
The project is a HR dashboard which shows the entire HR funnel.

This is a design I made in Figma (overview only):

Normally I make these reports in Power BI, but I’m getting tired of how generic these reports look. Therefore, I want to build a project that is more focused on the look & feel and experience of the user.

I’m wondering if you can give me some insights based on your experience what could be a challenge.


  • Cards with KPI’s on the top, comparing data of the actual week to the last week.
  • Cards are loaded on the users data by default, but can be switched to the data of another recruiter.
  • A line graph showing the interviews and hires by month.
  • The year can be changed, which makes the graph show the selected year.
  • The graph shows the data off all recruiters by default, but this filter can be changed.
  • The line graph shows a tooltip when hovering (February in screenshot).

I’ve seen graphs made with Bubble which look good, I’m just not sure having dynamic filters like this is possible?

Kind regards,

Hi Marjin,

Yes, this is possible to build in Bubble. You would have to properly structure your database though to minimize the consumption of WUs.

With regards to the specifics of the graphs, Bubble’s native graph element has very limited functionality and flexibility so you might want to explore other graph plugins in the marketplace.

The tooltips, dynamic dates, etc. is possible in the native graph element though!

Hello ntabs,

Thank you for your reply!
I looked at plugins and already found a couple plugins that look like a good fit.

Do you have any idea if filters like the ones I have in my design are possible?
For example:

  • When changing the filter at the top which now says “Bart Peeters” to another name, it should show the data of the selected recruiter.
  • When changing the year filter on the chart at the bottom, it should show a different year.
  • Is it also possible to link one filter to multiple charts? This is often done in reports to controle more visuals at once.

You probably want to use your own filters and use those to set the data source of the chart.