Building a Digital Business Card Platform

I had the choice of getting a job this summer before my senior year in high school, but instead I decided to build a startup… I’ve always been interested in the digital business card platforms like Popl, Linq and Dot. I wanted to build my own using bubble… I always struggled to network with people and market myself, and purchasing business cards was way to expensive! Therefore, I created Coneq, a platform where users can create a profile and on that profile you can Add links to social media, Add flows for Google or Yelp reviews, Add your contact information and much more.

Our selling point is our NFC cards, which can be setup and linked to the user profile easily without any complications. We offer our branded cards for a reasonable price and our selling point is that your profile will be free forever with a purchase of our card! For business solutions we also added the option for custom branding with a manufacturer that can produce at a mass scale for us!

If you are interested in coneq and where we are going, you can sign up here. I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Here’s my personal profile if you want to connect!

Currently we working on pages, a way for owners to add their business to our platform and those profiles be specifically built for business and organizations. Currently the profiles are built for individuals and not businesses. With pages businesses can have employee’s link their profile to the business, have their location provided with a flow for native navigation on the users phone, collect emails and have direct links so when the card is scanned it can have a direct flow to Google Reviews, Websites and much more!

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