Digital Business Card Website with Bubble

Hello, I’m new here. After weeks of shopping around for a programmer to build me a web app, I have decided to try and do this on my own.

I am aiming to build a web app similar to “Linq” “Mobilo” or “V1CE”, these are digital business card websites where a customer can purchase an NFC enabled card which points to their customizable profile on my web app. Any suggestions on a template, or plugins that will allow me to create this? I am planning on penetrating a market where this service is not readily available.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA

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I actually just built one exactly the same, you can try it at
Just picked a random template and started building, don’t worry about the things on the index page, but feel free to create an account and give some feedbacks :slight_smile:

Hey that’s almost exactly what I need to create,!! Would it be possible to make it look different depending on different subscription levels, payment etc?

I also need to make it so the user can customize what their url would be for their profile, I’m sure that would be possible, yes?

I also want to get them to look different, basically allowing users to customize a certain part of the page. Hasn’t look into that yet, but I’m pretty sure it will be possible.

If any expert bubblers want to give us some pointers, feel free!

With regards to url, I’m using the user’s slug for url. But if the user for for the digital business card want us to program another url on the tag, that’s easy to do.

How are you going with this project??

keep it up,long journey start from first step, site seem the same services related to the digital business card

I haven’t started yet, still trying to get as much info as possible to proceed.

Is that your site? How can I test it out? Or is it a bubble plugin?

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yes it my site,you can simple login it. and create business card and then share it at social media.
no it not bubble is custom php framwork.

I would like to contact you and discuss further, can I get your contact info??

you can share your detail at [email protected], because it public forum ,

How is it going now with your project?