Building a hr app first version

Currently building an interactive job platform

I have started building an interactive job platform. At the moment I am struggling to show the individual´s user´s cover letters on the recruiters dashboard.

Applicants apply with their profile through one click, sharing the candidates profile with the recruiters. Then a popup opens, if they wish to add a cover letter, they can.

The problem is that I can not tie the cover letter to a certain job, so when I show the first item of the list it shows me the last writter cover letter. Pls help.

Why can’t you?.. (you don’t know how? or what you’re doing isn’t working)…

In any case, it’s simple to do… you just need to relate one to the other with a field of that type, and set it to the the required value (i.e. have a field for Job on the Cover letter, and set that to the particular Job).

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