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Building a single bubble app with a team, Impossible? Solutions/Hacks/Ideas/Experience?

I assume we are not alone on trying to have more than one person working on an application at the same time. We have found it nearly impossible while building to work at the same time. There are two of us and wondering if anyone has any solutions for this that are not completely redundant in terms of building on two apps and copy and pasting to a “common app”.

We have a very large data set and building with two developers is unbearable, I don’t see how we could possibly scale up the team to work on this complex app, with more than 1 developer much less 3-4 as we have been hoping to do.

Our app will have near 100 pages and needs to be developed by a much larger team than two once past MVP.

I believe Bubble’s answer thus far is that it is a big issue and not easy to solve nor is it on the near term milestones.

Is everyone building apps on Bubble essentially solo developer or if a team, you all work on different applications, without multiple developers in the same app at the same time?

I would love to talk to (pay for time if need be) any development teams that are using bubble with more than one person during active building/prototyping at a time! Thank you!

Hire an office and work together in same city :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you tried working on two apps and just linking the databases together? That should help. Especially since you have 100+ pages. I think that is what I would do if need be. Try to separate parts of the app into 2 apps. You can always link back and forth between the two fairly easily with links as well. Then more easily you can have 2 developers at the same time.

You can add one of them as, for example, for one of them. Share the same main domain.

Just for reference, this is what I would do.

How does this scale if you want 4 or 5 or 10 developers? There is no environment to allow you to have different people working on different pages. Breaking up into sub-apps so you can develop it seems a bit against the nature of building a straightforward SAAS app. So if you want 5 developers, 5 sub-apps? Also the cost of sub apps while developing before you even get users is more expensive I believe?

I thought when they offered the ability to have multi collaborators it would mean multiple people working on the same app without the continuous app refresh requirement?

I am so curious to find out who is building a single app with a multi person team, and hope I am missing something. Thanks for your response.


I am assuming I was either not clear or you are kidding? We don’t care if they are sitting next to us or across the country, we still can not have two developers being productive in the same app on Bubble.

Just so you know. Most of the work can be done at the same time as long as you have fast enough computers however the testing will be extremely difficult. Maybe schedule the testing? I remember working on an app with someone else and it was mostly frustrating since I wanted to do testing but I couldn’t unless the other person stopped working for a time. If you can do most of the work without testing and then do testing one at a time that seems like most likely the best solution. Just schedule when testing will be done. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

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J805 - It seemed like less of a problem when we did not know what we are doing and now that we are quite a bit faster, the whole beauty of bubble is the fast iteration and test as you go instead of batches. Anytime you have to work a certain way because of the tool, then it is a problem, or find a new tool. I just fear this issue is a low priority as there must not be as many people as miserable as we are trying to move fast, small but growing team.

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Just to give you a little hope…

“Being able to deploy new app versions without forcing a page refresh”

Maybe this will solve the problem.

I like the sound of that. Essentially instead of application level refresh, if two people were working on the same page, I could see being locked out. Let’s hope this is coming soon and as hoped!

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I work with two other people like this, it is perfect. :slightly_smiling_face:

I worked with 3 people in the same app. It was very difficult at the beginning until I bypassed the page refresh thing creating a shortcut to ‘push’ live and test from there (as you don’t have any customers yet).

Partial solution (idea): alerting all opened browsers that someone needs to refresh in 10 seconds for a period of xx seconds (not perfect, but at least workable).

I actually wish bubble would let us just update the one page that was changed, not the entire app, if we haven’t touched anything on another page.

Like if I’m working on some deep part of my app but then my landing page which I haven’t touched still needs to be updated too. Doesn’t make sense.

If one page could be updated at a time, if that is possible, would probably solve the problem as well, for me.


@J805, this is doable already, using the option to “deploy selected changes”.

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Thanks for the tip. :+1:

In development mode? Or is that pushing to live? I’m talking about development mode. So it doesn’t show that grey refresh banner at the top and forces you to refresh.

That’s pushing to live.

Ah alright, I get what you’re saying. Yeah, that doesn’t solve it then. The above process helps when you need to fix something for your live users while working on some other ongoing things on the development version. Doesn’t exactly help for collaboration on the dev version then indeed. Sorry.

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@craig3 @JohnMark Different app versions by collaborator and limiting page refresh to only your own dev version are top requests by distributed dev teams building on Bubble. It’s a big project but we are noting the interest from the community.


Neerja; The issue is not about distributed dev teams, it is the same problem if we are in the same room or both sitting at Starbucks. We need a lock on a page so I can make changes to my page while my team can each work on their own page without effecting the others.

Bubble already does this on plug-ins and this would be dramatically better for development and scale. I am sure it is not easy, but it means the difference between useable as a team or only as individuals.

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Yes we have two people working on the same app and it’s frustrating but we just have to agree test windows every 15mins or so.

If you could have different test versions this would make it so much easier. We did start by working in different apps then trying to copy and paste in the new pages but to be honest it took twice as long to get them working again once pasted in (even with workflows and identical database structure)


It’s on the roadmap by the way.


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Not quite, I believe that point on the roadmap is more like development version, then testing, then staging, then live. What people are talking about here is multiple people working on the same time on, say, development version.

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