Team-development of bubble app

Happy new year bubblers! :slight_smile:

I am trying to wrap my head around how a team most efficiently can work on development of a bubble app, without the constant interuption of having to refresh the app for testing due to other people making changes to the app.

I’ve found this post, but it does not really outline a good direction.

Right now it is just me working on this, so not really a problem. But if there is no good alternative for team-development we need to look for “traditional” developers as we scale and consider the bubble app as a discardable MVP solution. And that kind of sucks…

Do you have experience with successfully developing bubble apps in a team where multiple people worked in paralell?
@craig3 , did you find an acceptable solution from your post linked above?

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Hello @tom6

Multi-team development is one of Bubble’s strengths when compared to other no-code low-code platforms:

Hi Tom6,

to be honest we have struggled with this and have some workarounds that are very klunky.

I have tried to get Bubble to create a new pay tier halfway between the 2 and 10 development environments, but the 10 is just not right for a 3 person team, so we have to work on different shifts and that really hurts collaboration.

The tools are there, just not the pricing schedule aligned for very small teams of 3-6.


Thank you @cmarchan , very helpful video!

@craig3 am I correct in my interpretation then that the limitations are only “commercial”, and that the Production version gives you all the tools you need to work “undisturbed” in paralell for a team up to 15 people? I assume that the 15 development editors and 20 versions means that 15 people can work on up to 20 branches of the app.

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The pricing tiers are nuts, I fail to understand why the jump is so huge, and its a shame that for something that is meant to be easy and scalable, the tiers are so far apart.

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@tom6 I think its is the biggest limitation of bubble. It’s the only reason “leaving bubble” is in our growth plan :sob:.

Here’s some detail not mentioned in this thread. (note: bubble is amazing and changed my life).

  • The multi-version feature is broken and unreliable.

  • Bubble makes note in the documentation.

  • It’s a known issue since at least April 2020. And still not fixed (you can always check bubble’s documentation to see if it’s fixed yet).

  • It’s important to know this, otherwise you could really ship things you don’t want. I did and it was horrible. See “known issue” link above.

  • Without version control - it’s difficult to build with just two people. Three + more must be chaos.

  • This makes it risky to grow your team and stay in bubble.

I think multi-team development is bubble’s biggest weakness. I’d love to hear what teams of 3 + are doing to solve this.

Bubble has a plan for 15 editors to work together…that must be chaos without reliable version control :exploding_head:

As mentioned, I’m a fan of bubble. I wish this wasn’t the case. I wish someone would share ideas to work with 3 + people at once.