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Dynamic Pricing

For my bubble app where visitors can pay to get the product, I have 3 paid options + 2 add ons + a 30% off coupon option.

Each of those options sets off a tiny change in the workflow (smsses).

Is there a way to change ‘‘charge current user’’ 's amount dynamically BASED on each (and the possible combinations) option the customer has chosen? AND have it set off a slightly seperate workflow (based on the option the customer has chosen)

I see how I can dynamically change the amount for 1 option I have, but not for combinations of multiple options, with their workflows.
The 3 paid options are in the form of a dropdown, the 2 add ons are in the form of checkboxes, and the 30% off coupon is a input value (of a code)

I was building seperate flows for each, but there would be too many combinations.

If you want to use conditions inside workflows you can use Custom Workflows, and have a conditions on them.

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Thank you.