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Different prices for different user


How would you do to display a price that depends on the current user?
i.e. different price between B2B / B2C
The user has to be registered to see the prices.

I spent few days trying to figure out a solution without success.

Can’t you define two prices ? Product’s Price_B2C & Product’s Price B2B ?
Oryou create a new tab [Prices] with User | Type (C or B] | Price and you add all the prices link to a user to him with User’s List of Prices (so you don’t have to use Do a search for… but :filtered on a short list of items)

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Add a "type2 to the user, and then do a condition on the Amount field to display the B2C amount when the users type is B2C.

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Thank you both for the answers.

I achieved thanks to you what I wanted using:
user types
data type with the different prices and product ref
and then the option :filtered “advanced” in order to check the user type

One problem solved,… I’ll be back!

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