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Streaming live video

I realise this capability is not currently available, even through Ziggeo, but are there plans to add this? My app idea revolves around this and it would be great to know when a solution might be available

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I’m not associated with the Bubble team, but been hanging around the community long enough to make an educated guess: I think it’s unlikely they will implement this in any foreseeable future.

I would look for some third-party service that you can connect to. I haven’t seen anyone do this yet, but I don’t imagine it would be that difficult. A quick search revealed this one, which might help.

Edit: This Quora thread might be of interest too:

That’s right, that’s typically something where a plugin should be fairly easy to implement.

At the moment I am using a very simple implementation that involves a HTML block of code where users can embed a YouTube live stream. Depending on what exactly you’re trying to do, you will need to integrate with a 3rd party API like mentioned above.

Here are a couple I recommend checking out:

@sridharan.s has experience in the arena, you should search the forums as it’s been written about a handful of times.

We have a video conferencing capability that uses Tokbox’s APIs. If you’re looking to broadcast live video then there are numerous solutions as well, including Tokbox.

If you’re wanting to build your app with Bubble, then you could build it into Bubble so that it’s a plugin or you could build this one component outside of bubble and iFrame it into your app. Both solutions work and have slightly different trade-offs.

I was just exploring some different video hosting options for my app and I saw that Vimeo is offering a live streaming option for just $75/month. I’m not sure about the details of embedding the live stream into Bubble but I’m sure it’s possible. Just thought I’d share this because I think Vimeo is a much better value than Ziggeo so you could definitely save money going with them.

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If you want to know the must-have features, tech stack, and cost to build a live streaming website, you can check this article.

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Are you saying that it a impossible to do it directly with bubble? I mean There is to spend 40000 dólar more to do it?

Hello @arno.hummerston, Here I’ve breakdown the list of best live video streaming platform providers across the globe. This streaming providers easily fulfill your needs.

Is there any updates to create a streaming live platform with bubble ?
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You can try using service from Agora. Check out this plugin: Easy Live Streaming with Agora Plugin | Bubble

Good thing about this plugin is how light-weight and simple it is to implement.

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If anyone is looking for a more advanced solution, you can take a look at this demo. This is how I integrate Agora Javascript SDK with Bubble. You can add Javascript to Bubble with the Toolbox plugin, so you can actually do anything that the SDK supports.

Feel free to dm me if you got any questions.