Document Generator?

Hello, I am looking to build an app to help insurance claim processing for my company. This is on the legal side, so this will be used to create an online legal document which will then be pasted into an online filing system. Question: Does anyone have any idea how I can make something with a list of boiler templates that have legal disclosures that one can then press a button and have it paste it into a word form? After the correct templates are pasted, I also then need some way to get this to export to a final page where the entire document can just be seen and then copied and pasted into a filing system online. I think I may not have this type of luck with Bubble but I wanted to make sure

Hi @inquiry, welcome on the forum!

I’m not too sure I understood your request. Are you trying to generate PDF documents based on a form? If that’s the case, there are few plugins to achieve this. They all have their limitations though.

I am also very interested in this. From what I understand:

  • A user inputs text into input box(s)
  • Text is then saved to the database
  • When the user is done, they push a button and the text from those input boxes, aggregates to create a Word document with the text

Is this possible @julienallard1

I never tried to generate a word document from a browser. But there is this docx.js library that allows to do just that.
Of course you’ll have to do some javascript to use it (perhaps created a plugin??).

Other than that, if you find a online service (offering an API connection) to generate document, it could be simpler but most certainly it would cost you some fees.

I looking for a solution to the same problem. Did you find a way?