In a complete mess with a "whats app-like" message component!

HI, I’ve got myself in a right old mess. I’m trying to create a customer portal and as part of that I’ve tried to take a tinder clone tutorial and take the messaging component from that tutorial and use it in my app for my admin team (me) to chat with customers.

In the tutorial the example has the list of people and the actual chat on another page. I’ve got it as a list of people on the left and the message on the right but i’m going round in circles unable to get it working.

How do I share the project for someone to take a look at it? Would anyone be golden enough to please help? It’s wrecking my marriage and my children want to leave home. You would be saving my sanity and my world.

I will love you forever if someone would be godly enough to help.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve successfully built this in our app, which is primarily a texting platform.

It took me months to get working like I wanted it to. This is a very difficult UI to build in Bubble. So someone just “taking a look” isn’t going to solve all your problems, unfortunately.

Please provide a loom video and/or screenshots of each problem you are facing and I can make suggestions.

Hi aj11,
Thanks. I’ll have to try and explain the problems along with screen shots. I think my problem is to do with sending / retrieving the chat and displaying it inside the rg. I think maybe i’ve jumped in too soon and maybe I should replicate the tutorial first to get a better understanding.

I think my problem is around how I’ve interpreted the tutorial, in which the example send data to a page, whereas I’m sending it to a state which i’m trying to get the RG to take the data from. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem before.

And what I have as the reciever for my data to send is as below:

Should be “chatid = Search for Chats: first item’s unique id”

The way you currently have it, you are sending a list to a parameter that is not a list.

You may also want to sort by created date, descending, just in case you end up with any duplicate chats it will always use the most recent created.

Thanks aj11, but in my version the input wont allow the update you suggested. It’s got me puzzled.

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It should be “chatid = Search for Chats: first item”

The thing of the state is “chat”, so it won’t accept text.

I have tried that too and still hitting a wall. I really appreciate your time and help on this btw. Thank you so much.
I’m wondering if I have to hit it another way. The first action works and I can write a message to the desired user, it’s just this second part, it doesnt return any value to the state. am I missing something blazingly obvious? I’m sure I am.

AH, I wonder if the problem lies in the message set up ? Maybe i’m interpreting this incorrectly…

SO I fixed this problem. I realise that probably my biggest problem here is not explaining the problem correctly and as aj11 pointed out, rightly, this is something that is vital on this forum. Big thanks to aj11.

So my problem was that I took a udemy tutorial and tried to shape it into my project, but changed a workflow that passed parameters to a page url and make it so that two components existed on the same page. In my case a list of users and the chat history.

I copied the workflows from the tutorial and instead of sending to a page, sent the same parameters to a RG. After literally a week of tears and rebuilding I worked it out that the condition on the second workflow was the problem. I question whether this will help anyone else, but I thought i might share just in the hope it may save someone hours of their lives.

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Glad you figured it out!

Just whilst I’m here… you should really check your DB structure… unless there’s a specific reason not to, Recipient and Sender should be Users, not texts (unique IDs) like you have now. Recipients should probably also be a list of Users for the purpose of privacy rules. Similarly, you don’t need to be using chatIDs or anything. Sorting this stuff out now will save you tonnes of headaches down the road! :slight_smile:

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