Small problem with messaging app

Hey guys

I recently tried making a quick app that can make random chatrooms. The problem is that whenever you try to type in a message, it won’t work on the repeatinggroup. I’m kind of a noob to this

Your workflow to create a new Message doesn’t add “room” to it so when your repeating group does a search on Messages using the “room” value as search criteria, it doesn’t find the Message. In step 1 of your workflow to create Message, assigning “room” a value should fix it

Can’t get it to work… Just made the app public to edit so it would be an awesome help if you could do it through there :slight_smile:

@ahmednsajjad - the repeating group Message wasn’t in a group Room so when Send was clicked and the workflow tried to add “current page room” to Message, it couldn’t . I created a “Room” group with the Message RG, the Send button, input and “X” in it.

Thank you so much! Do you have any idea How i Can do so that you can see which user is typing what. Maybe it could look like something “User 1: Hey”

When you create a new Message in the workflow, add the Current User to the Message. You need to add “user” field to Message data type.

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Only problem is that when you try to message with someone else in the room, the only messages you see is your own

Do you want your chat-rooms to behave similar to the topic threads here on bubble?

One of the things you need to change is on your index page. Each of time a User hits “Go”, a new room is created. Not sure how you want your chatrooms to be setup, ie do you want more than one room created called “Topic 1” or will each room have a unique name. You want to first check to see if a room exists (has the room already been created) and then instead of create a new room, go to an existing one. Make sense?

My main intention is to create an app that can let the users create their own chatrooms like Instead of videochatting i’m just trying to create normal chatrooms where people can chat

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