Dynamic drop down meny - problem!

Hi guys,

I’m posting here to hopefully get some help with a forms / questionnaire issue in Bubble. I’m currently having.

So to start with, I am not a coder, nor am I very tech savvy. I run a small business and I’m using WIX as platform to promote my work and trying to build a smart form with bubble on top of that (or as a sub-domain).

The issue:

I’m trying to build a form that ‘feels’ dynamic and has ‘if this then that’ logic.

How ever I would also like functionality that is similar to this:

form https://search.intro.io/…

What I am after is:

  • A dropdown / multiple choice that also has free typing as an option. Please see link above and click on question ‘required skills’ for a better understanding.

  • How do I solve this problem in the most efficient / practical way !:blush:

Any solutions out there that doesn’t require ‘real coding’? If so, how complex is it to ‘fix’?



Very doable in Bubble … but very elaborate to explain how.

Best bet is to familiarize yourself with how to use custom states and conditionality (to be used for visualization of elements and data). Here some instructional material:

Lastly, I recommend that you explore the Bubble marketplace and look for “form builder”. There might be a couple of free templates that you can get. The objective is NOT to use the templates to build your app. The objective would be to learn how the template’s author approached their build. And come to your own conclusions on whether their approach is sound and whether you can use some of their practices for your project. Bubble at the end of the day is a visual programming language and there are various ways to “skin a cat”.

Hope this helps! :+1: