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Building psychometric test using

Is it possible to build psychometric test using
I want to display random questions (12 questions out of 30) for certain categories/subcategories, store responses for each question in the db for that category. Calculate weight for each response and at the end of all the questions display the score for that category.

Please let me know if it’s possible and how to achieve it.

Sure, seems reasonable to do. I don’t believe any one is going to build or offer the entire way of achievement for you for free though.

Recommendation is learning bubble thoroughly, key on conditions, and key on db design. Best of luck.

I have already build the db to store things. Struggling with how to store the responses back (based on the radio button selection) from repeating group into the db once user clicks on the save button. Any particular area should I dig deeper? Are there any examples?

Create a table to record the user response.

When user submit the question’s answer, add a row into that table.