Building user-generated subscription marketplace

I’m building a site that allows users to create their own monitors for political issues. Each monitor can be private to a user or publicly available to be subscribed to by others. The public ones are available on a marketplace (twolanterns).

I’ve figured out how to create the private monitors and to let users subscribe to the public ones. But I can’t figure out how to add a payment functionality. Users who create a public monitor should be able to set a subscription price (like, $5/month, with a 10% commission to the site) and automatically charge any other user who subscribes.

The site has the latest Stripe plugin, which works for standard products and subscriptions, but the ability to create a subscription for monitors created by users is beyond me. Any advice?

You need to use Stripe Connect. My site does the same thing with user generated subscriptions. Unless something has changed recently, Bubble’s stripe plug in isn’t going to support Connect. Mostly I used stripe.js, but I also used Zeroqode’s plug in for one or two functions.

You can also use the API connector to set everything up, but that might be more challenging.