[Built with bubble - seeking offers] Rebounce - allows teams to annotate and edit any website collaboratively, right from the browser. No extensions, no downloads

Hi Everyone!

For the past few months I have been working on Rebounce. Rebounce allows teams to annotate & edit websites, directly on the page for visual feedback for Developers & Designers. No extensions to download. (https://tryrebounce.com)

Comment -
No more back and forth emails, task managers or screenshots. Flag bug, typos & design issues directly on any web page and explore solutions directly, in realtime with your team.

Edit -
Switch to edit mode and you can make text changes directly on the page with zero code changes. Or switch to code mode and edit an elements css. Let your developers know your changes visually, with less friction.

Collaboration -
See who’s working on your Rebounce, and what mode they’re in. Comments, edits & replies your team make are shown in realtime. No delays, no refreshing.

Rebounce has been built with Bubble at its core. The interface, database & functions are all completed inside of Bubble - but obviously there are some restrictions on Bubbles functionality and some custom development had to be completed.

I have developed the rebounce engine using javascript and some minor Jquery. The Rebounce engine speaks with a custom developed Bubble plugin which then communicates with the Bubble app itself. These 3 communication layers communicate in real-time with no delays.

On top of this, to avoid users downloading a Chrome extension - I developed a custom Ubuntu Nginx proxy server that replaces all the links on websites added to Rebounce with the proxy engines address to ensure navigation does not result in rerouting around the engine. As well as injecting the custom Rebounce engine scripts into the websites header. This allows for a truely seamless experience for the user. They enter a URL and that’s it, they can start commenting & editing immediately.

Due to an unforeseen personal issue, I am not going to have the time available in the foreseeable future to launch and provide Rebounce as intended.

I am seeking someone or another business that would like to acquire Rebounce and all associated technologies (Bubble App, Custom Plugin, Rebounce Engine, Proxy Engine, Built Website, Domain, Mailgun) to launch as their own product. Engaging a development agency to build an application like Rebounce would not be a cheap endeavour, but I in the position currently to take offers. Rebounce is ready to go now, outside of rebranding (if required) the app and all associated services are ready for production.

The market capture is there and available. There are only a small handful of services available like Rebounce (such as UsePastel.com & Markup.io), with the right delivery Rebounce could be a great revenue generating product.

If you are interested, please private message me or email (ambrosecoulter@gmail.com) to discuss further.


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Hi Everyone,

If you’d like to take a look around Rebounce, I am more than happy to setup a demo account for you. Please PM me to organise.


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Looks awesome and would be a boon for website designers and customers collaboration

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In its current form, can your app be used to live translate the interface text , (on different subdomains of one site for example)?

Hi! I’m not sure I understand exactly. Can you elaborate a bit more?

What I mean is can it be used as an easy localization tool for users or organizations who want their website (no matter what tech it is built on) translated into multiple language versions?

Technically speaking, yes it could with some refactoring of the engine it could replace the page content with region specific language.

Super cool app! Love your solution to use the Ubuntu Nginx proxy server. Much easier for users without having to download an extension.