New Startup, Built with Bubble! -

Hey guys!

I want to formally introduce you guys to the app I’ve been working on for the past 3 months.
It’s called KeepTabs, and it’s the CRM for your network. I built it on Bubble, and it’s a single page app.

We all meet interesting people often, and over time we let our relationship with them fall through the cracks. KeepTabs reminds you to connect with important people you haven’t spoken to in a while, and helps you remember things to talk to them about.

It’s very much an MVP at this point (theres hundreds of small UI things i want to fix), but I’d love all of your feedback!

Also, AMA if you want. I have another project in the works specifically for the Bubble community!

Thanks so much!


Congrats Ben! Love this idea.

I spent a few years growing a startup CRM in a similar space called Contactually. We took the idea of ‘keep in touch with your most important relationships’ and it was powerful enough to grow to $4-5 million in annual revenue. Happy to give you input at any point and good luck with the launch!


Thanks Brent! Pmed you!

I’ve been to a few Meetup events at Contactually’s office in DC. Neat place! I’m based in Northern Virginia, office will be moving to DC in January.

Hey Ben, good job!
I have one suggestion, when creating a new contact, it would be a better UX if you simply showed a popup in the same window without redirecting the user to the index page. Was it technically challenging to implement that? If needed I could advise how to do that.
On another note - it seems that the contacts page has some content type set to it… And I guess it’s user right? I think it would have been simpler just to refer to “current user” contacts etc instead of identifying each user by their unique ID as it happens now (i can tell that based on the URL0

I have also added your app to - if you don’t mind? :slight_smile:


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Hey, thanks for the kind words!
Yes, the issue with the add a contact page is that i created the actual contact page on a page that was not index. and Bubble doesn’t let you delete or set a new index page. So i need to have something there.
Can you elaborate on your 2nd paragraph? I had to hack my way around certain things because this is a one page app, so for example i couldn’t just have a link go to “contacts” page and show “current page contacts notes” (etc). But my repeating group for the contact list is simply “search for contacts created by current user”. (and yes, the page type is set to User)

EDIT: My biggest technical challenge for this app was solved by @romanmg who led me towards a solution for correctly displaying how many days away a specific date is ( a much harder problem than i originally thought)

Great landing page man!

The product looks really simple to use too, which is great. That red to green color coding based on time is brilliant.

@ben Nice concept. I’ve sent you a PM

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Thank you! To me, the red to green contact list is the real “soul” of the software.


Hey Ben,
in fact it’s possible to change the index page in the app, see the bottom of the attached screenshot :slight_smile:


oh nice! I never use the edit menu so never saw that! I’ll add making the “add contact” page part of the one page app to my todo list! thanks so much.

Looks great! Did you build the landing page on bubble as well?

Thank you!

No, the landing page is built with Webflow. Webflow is good because it’s the most powerful visual builder out there and you can export the actual html/css/js, but it’s bad because it’s very unintuitive and you should probably know html/css before using it. it’s also pretty expensive. But now that i’ve learned the gui, i love it.

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Oh ok so you built the landing page and are having it hosted by webflow, and when people click sign up it takes them to the bubble hosted app? How did you link the two?

My feeling is that you could build exactly the same landing page on Bubble too,

If i’m not mistaken the only (or one of the few) thing that Bubble can’t do as opposed to Webflow - is layered 3d models. But that’s a fair trade off given how much more Bubble can do compared to webflow when it comes to databse, workflows and complex functionality. But I maybe wrong because I played with webflow only briefly and that was a while ago


Founder at Bubblewits - Bubble Certified Partner - one page Bubble demo - Collection of apps built on Bubble

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Yea, there’s nothing special going on between the two. The Sign up buttons on the webflow site simply lead to the apps signup page.

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From what i understand, Bubble isn’t great for landing pages/marketing sites because they lack some SEO features. I also don’t like how theres no web conventions such as padding, margin, (usable) grids etc. I love Bubble, but for non-app pages, I think i’ll usually go with Webflow or wordpress.
Webflow doesn’t need databses, workflows, etc. Thats not what it is. It’s a (mostly) static page builder. And it’s really good at it, once you get past the initial hump.

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agree, some of the SEO features that are missing are: “h1”, “h2” headers, sitemap and robots.txt
other than that everything is there i suppose and great landing pages still can be built on Bubble.
Very soon we are going to start selling Bubble templates, I will announce about that in a few days, but here is a teaser, one of the landing pages (fully responsive) that will be offered for sale…


I can teach you how to spell for $75 an hour :slight_smile:

Staff / Stuff

Templates will be a good development though, and it looks good.

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English is not my native language (only one of the 5 languages I speak), so mistakes are natural :slight_smile: