Bulk Actions and Scheduled WorkFlow API

Where are you triggering the custom event from ?

Why do you need a custom event, why not just schedule the workflow from the page they set the event date. I would be tempted to set up a the scheduled date on that page (maybe as a custom state) rather than try working it all out later.

How are you selecting the right Job Details. The way it seems from the above is that you just pick the “first” Job Details for a User. That might not be the one they just entered ?

Can you schedule this workflow when you add the Job thing ?

You know the date, and can calculate the reminder date at the time. Then just schedule the task ?

Will have a go and see if I can get an example in the forum app later.

Tried to do this in the new forum app, but can’t do API workflows from there sadly. Will see if I can put it in the old one but might not get to it for a while.

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Can you try again on forum_app2?

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As if by magic :slightly_smiling:

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Hmmm, I can add the API workflow.

But the “Schedule API workflow” action is blank :frowning:

Good point, give me 30 min and try again.

I have set it up in a way that it sends out an email the day before the deadline date…

And yet it doesn’t send an email out.

Seems simple enough, but I can’t get it to work :frowning:

Not a sausage.

@emmanuel - is this something to do with the forum app ? I can’t get a scheduled email to be send.

Does it work for other scheduled workflows? It should work for emails as well.

Did you see the action in te Server logs? That’s the place to look at when an email is supposed to be sent and wasn’t.

Forgot about the sever kogs, will have a look.

Can’t see any errors on the server log. It just doesn’t work. Date looks ok.

Can you email us for this?

Sorry, bit delayed. Have emailed.

I added some “logging” to app, and what is odd is that although the bubble log shows that the email workflow event has happened, the next action is to write to my own log … and that doesn’t happen.

As if by magic … An email appears :slight_smile:

Not sure why this was different, although it was forward dated.

Only thing I can see is that I added a subject.

What would be really handy would be the ability to visualise scheduled workflows.

Yes we fixed a bug about sending emails yesterday. Sorry about that.


Great, it would really help if we could visualise the scheduled API calls.

So like the log but future.

Well the Logs show that. We’ll try to add an interface at some point, but not very very soon.

I too am having a tough time understanding the use of the API without thorough documentation.

I am trying to configure a Flight that is automatically removed (status = closed) on the departure date so that no one can book flights that are in the past.

But when I go to run/schedule it it doesn’t allow me to modify it manually to ‘Closed’ status and is calling for a dynamic field under type Flight.

I think/know I’m doing something wrong here but can’t figure it out with the lack of docs.