Bulk add user accounts (by administrator)

I am trying to create a process where a user (yacht, in this case) can add a list of crew emails, and these will either search for existing users, add them to the yacht’s crew list and send the crew an email, or create a new account for someone, send them an invitation and add them to the crew list.

You can see what I’m trying to do here: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=yacht-setup-step-2&version=test&id=mysail&tab=tabs-1

Right now I have sent up the workflows so this can be done with a single email entry (third option), or the user can upload a file or a list of emails which then get emailed to me and I can add in the back-end. The problem with the first two options is that it won’t happen instantly, as I then need to add things in the back-end, which isn’t great for user experience. The problem with the third option is they need to enter emails one by one, and sometimes this could be 40 or 50 people (again, bad user experience).

I’m looking for ideas on work-around options to enable bulk upload feature to either copy and paste multiple email addresses at once (from a multi-line input) or upload a file with the email addresses and have this automatically create new accounts/link to existing accounts/send invitations.

I’m afraid this is a limitation that Bubble currently has - users cannot import csv files into Bubble’s database (that is only possible through Bubble editor by the app owner). One of the workarounds may be to use Google Spreadsheets and have Bubble read the records from there (through blockspring) and create them in Bubble, but this won’t be very simple configuration.


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Hi Levon,

Thanks for your help here. I did play around with the Blockspring integration and google sheets, but wasn’t able to get it to work.

Do you have any guidance around what I would need to do to get this to work?


Could you use an email parser to get the data in via the Bubble API ? So they email the list of crew emails.

Zapier has a simple mail parser that may be able to accept a list of email addresses.

Or there is another Zapier mailparser that accepts csv.

The copy and paste into a multi line input is interesting … but I am not sure how you then split out the individual emails.

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Your multi input comment sparked something that I wanted to add - bulk email sending by pasting in emails, which I surprisingly got to work (most of the time)
Using a normal Multi Line Input, and allow users to enter email addresses, but there needs to be a line break between addresses (or any consistent thing, like a comma)

Like so…

Then, in the workflow of sending the email, put in the BCC, CC or To line “Multiline Input’s Value:find & replace”
Then in the Find field just click enter once (a single line break)
And in the Replace field put a semi colon ;

Sorry this doesn’t help the original issue, but it was neat feature I hadn’t thought of until I read this brainstorming, so thought I’d share

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@gf_wolfer @levon @NigelG

Hey guys, does anyone know if this is now possible to do? Perhaps using one of the CSV parser plugins like https://bubble.io/plugin/data-parser-1512303845588x451639973002608640

I’m building an app that requires Company admin users to create accounts for their employees, this will often be 50+ employees. Not having a way to do this in bulk is a serious problem for me :confused:

Do you have any suggestions if the csv bulk uploads is truly not possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Nathaniel,
the only option would be to run an API workflow on a list that would do signups one at a time going through your list. A bit tricky but should be possible.
Try searching the forum (@NigelG has explained somewhere in detail how to do run API workflow on a list - you could adapt it to your use case)
If in trouble, let us know, we’ll try to help

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@levon thanks man really appreciate it. I’ll get in touch if I need help.

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This is good for sending emails but not for creating accounts as bubble will not create more than one account if provided with color or semicolon

Correct, in this case I would use the List of Emails and then run a ‘Scheduled API workflow on a List’ like Levon suggested above