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Onboarding existing users

Really having trouble with this…

We have approx 2,500 users (along with all their account data) that needs to be imported into Bubble as new users. Easy… well, the CSV import bit is.

However, as this is a new system for the users, they do not know their password. So I thought a simple way to get around this way to create an API endpoint that send out password reset emails and then do a bulk operation that iterates around the imported users and runs the API endpoint that sends out the password reset emails. This is the problem…

In the bulk operation window, the API endpoint doesn’t show when it seems anything to do with sending out emails is in the workflow.

Any ideas as to why? or perhaps a better way of achieving letting existing users create a password on their existing user account that’s been imported?

Maybe a bit too ‘simple’ sollution, but thought I’d throw it out there.

Why don’t you just email all the users telling them they have to reset their password since you migrated them to a different system? That puts the ball in their park, and saves you from sending passwords by email.

You can easily create a ‘reset my password’ workflow in Bubble.


Thanks Lenex

We’d considered this, but doesn’t make for a great end user experience. I’m very much into simple solutions but this wouldn’t be appropriate in this case :frowning:

Thank you for your input though.

Sorry, I haven’t played enough with API Endpoints yet that I really know how to help other than this.

I did try creating one and it did show in the list of API endpoints, but it got grayed out and said that it sends an email. I guess you’re running into this exact behavior?

Perhaps you could trick the system and create a workflow with a button on a seperate page that runs through the Users data, and sends the reset email to them from there. It’s a bit ‘hacky’, but it might work?


Thanks Lenex

Yes, that’s the same behaviour I’m experiencing too.

@system, Bubble Support --> can you confirm please if this is a restriction/limitation/bug please?

Yes, sorry, it’s a deliberate limitation. Doing mass emailings has a lot of tricky stuff associated with it to make sure it doesn’t get classified as spam (which could get in the way of sending future emails), so we don’t enable it via the bulk update tool. We might find a way to safely allow this eventually, but unlikely in the near future.

One thing you can do, which is a little annoying but for 2500 users shouldn’t be impossible, is to build a form to manually send the emails: create a repeating group with a list of users who haven’t been emailed yet, and a workflow that sends the emails and sets a flag on the user to remove them from the list. Bubble’s pretty fast at that kind of thing, so while it would take a while, it’s do-able. (I would add a condition on the workflow that double-checks that the user hasn’t been sent an email already to avoid sending duplicates, since the search will update in near-real-time but if you’re clicking really fast you might be able to click on one that’s already been sent).

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Thanks @josh

If we were to do the actual emailing part outside of Bubble… is there some kind of way of creating a link for the user to go to on a Bubble app to set (effectively ‘reset’) their password and thereafter then be able to login?

Not sure if this is helpful, but my last company had a similar issue to what you’re describing. What we ended up doing was breaking the login flow into 2 steps in the new app. Step 1 was to enter the username/email. If that email needed to reset the password due to the migration, we took them to a “set up password” page. If that user didn’t need to reset one, we just showed the password field. We kept this live until all our existing users (that we deemed as “Active”) had set their passwords, then we moved to a more traditional login flow. Not sure if it’s helpful, but maybe an option.

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That’s a brilliant suggestion @potentialthings - I’ll look into that first thing tomorrow (it’s now 9.30pm in the UK). This seems a great way for us to go. Many thanks again for your input.

Just out of curiosity what did the workflow look like for the ‘set up password’ page?

We didn’t use Bubble, we had ol’ fashioned engineers. But what I imagine you might do is just point them to the reset password page. I’m not exactly sure how that works on Bubble’s backend, but I might start by trying that?

We have recently built an email that dynamically builds a URL with the users unique ID that takes them to a landing page. So it is certainly possible to do something like this.