Bulk email sends based on data changes

Hi everyone,

I have an app that allows users to enter URLs they want to track pricing for. Each day we initiate each of the URLs to be scraped. Then after the last URL gets scraped we trigger another backend API workflow to send an email. The goal is to send an email to all users who have a negative price change (meaning the price dropped).

I have tested my current setup with one URL at a time and it worked great. But now that I am sending bulk data it does not send emails.

Does anyone see where my mistake could be in the setup?


I found the issue with this is that I needed to schedule on a list instead of a normal API workflow scheduling. But, I am finding some of my results have duplicate entries. So, when this runs users are getting multiple emails. Is their an easy way to only send to each user/email once? Such as filtering out duplicates? or Grouping them?

If the product names or IDs are the same you can use :unique elements operator for the list the WF is ran on

The user_id will be the same but the url associated with each will be unique. Can I use the : elements and specify the user_id as being unique part?

Yea use :group by with the ids

Would group by be in addition to the :unique elements?

Something like :unique elements “:group by user_ids”

No just group by I believe. I’d have to play with it to get exact answer but I believe that would do what you’re wanting

I have tried group by on its own but states red and can’t figure out how to get it to accept it.

Using just unique elements is accepted but unfortunately still sends to the Emil multiple times.

Here is my setup that works but sends to the same email/user_id multiple times.