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Bulk operation does not allow API selection


I will be loading thousands of records (User) into my table to test the behavior of my app. Then I wanted to delete these users.
I want to use the Bulk action in App data. However when I click on Bulk and show me the API workflow dropdown, everything is greyed, I cannot select the deleteuser API.
Anyone can help me understand how this is supposed to work?
I attached the backend API I am trying to use and the Bulk function list as an FYI.
Many thanks

Change your api to only be one user (not a list). That should fix it.

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Unfortunately, it does not work even with this change. I have the same behavior, the Bulk API list is greyed out

You need to have a parameter for User on your backend workflow…

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Adam nailed it - here’s what he’s referring to: Vidyard Recording?

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Thanks it worked

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