Business Partnerships and Bubble Sites

I had an idea for a type of loyalty point program that would run through Bubble.

Would it be possible if I had a partnership with a company like Ebay and the user could use their reward points to buy stuff from Ebay? So Ebay would access my database or whatever and see how many points a person has, take that amount of points which then sends a prompt to my end so i see its been taken out and take a transaction from me of the worth of the points taken?

for example

a toy costs $20
1 reward point worth $0.50

would another non-bubble business be able to access my databases, transact $20 from me and take 20 points (the worth of the toy in reward points)

Yes they can programmatically access your data through APIs endpoints. Bubble allows you to expose your app data as API allowing third-parties to create, read, update and delete data in your app a database.
You can also define API workflows that third-parties can call from their application to perform some actions in your app.

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Thank you. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how this would work for hours now!

The main question is, does eBay has this feature where it tries to access external applications for loyalty points?
It’s one thing making your data available and it’s another thing for the other application to be ready to access your data

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true… im sure ebay would… just depends i guess

now my only problem is its taking me a thousand years to figure out how to generate qr codes