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Button on index will not work


I have developed a mobile app with, it works fine while I am on bubble, but I cannot figure out how to change the index of my app ( and how to get the buttons to load. If anyone can help me out I would hugely appreciate it. I am trying to get my app submitted to the app store, and the button not loading is the only reason Apple rejected it initially.


Cooper L.


If you’re building a native app you can pick another page as being native (it doesn’t have to be index). And what do you mean by buttons don’t load?

If I go to, I have a button called “pictures” with a link that is supposed to go to a website, however when clicked nothing happens. I am just trying to figure out how to fix this issue.

It doesn’t appear to be linked to a destination…without linking the app it’d be impossible to troubleshoot.

Yes, there is no workflow attached by that button…

here is a link to the app

Hey @cooper.ledford :slight_smile: I think it was because the button element was going infront of the link element on preview mode. I just clicked the link, and then chose ‘Arrange --> Send to front’, and it shows now.

Thank you for your help!! Do you know how to make this page work: ?

I think you need to deploy the changes to live?

That didn’t work, unfortunately

I just did it and I think it’s working now? Which part isn’t for you?

I spoke too soon, I believe it has worked. It just a took a while for the index page to refresh itself. Thank you so much for your help!!!

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Great! :blush: My pleasure!