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Website in Tandem with Native app

I’m building a mobile app (this page is a native app checkbox checked) and I want to have a website accompanying it. I know I can create a new page where the ‘this is a native app’ checkbox is not checked. Currently, ‘index’ is my native app.

My question is should my website be on the ‘index’ page and my ‘native app’ on a different page, or does that matter? If people were to type in my domain name into a web browser, I want them to go to my website, not my native app.

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I think you should make your website on the index page for navigation purposes. You can have your native app on any page. Bubble has theirs on a different page called mobile_app.

Thanks @raymond. I was afraid of that. I hope there’s an easy way to copy my entire app to a new page.

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Pleasure. There is. Create a new page > clone from select index.

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yup! Just figured that out. Looks like it worked. Thanks again! :slight_smile: