SOLVED: Another Deployment to Live Question

So I made my first attempt to deploy to live. It did not go well. The browser froze up and then it just stayed frozen. Not sure if I did it incorrectly. I am back to development and it says I never deployed to live. I have read the documentation so I feel like I am missing a step. The app works great in development preview but won’t even load in live. I have not figured out how to set a starting page for the app yet. Could that be it? Does the app always start from the default index page?

Ok it is working so long as I manually enter the first page after the backslash

So if I enter the app works great. Question is how do I set it up so when I go to the site automatically takes me to

Got it. That was a real NOOB thing. Had to set up forwarding in my Godaddy account. Never done that before:)

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Ok now that I have set up domain forwarding I am seeing this? How long will it take for this to go away and the site to load?

That’s a question for godaddy actually, this is not a Bubble message.

Godaddy told me this over chat. How would I do a server redirect on Bubble so that when someone goes to they actually go to

Brad Luffy -

Ok that is why I wanted the forwarding so when someone went to they would actually go to

Ashley -

Okay; but that would actually need to be done on the hosting side as a server redirect. Because your host is requiring you to point your A Record to them; forwarding from our side isn’t going to work.

Yes, the way to do this is more by replacing index in your app.

That does not seem to work at all. I made start_page my new index, deployed it, and when I go to it is still taking me to a blank page.

have you deployed to live?

Yes. You can see it at

If I put in it works fine

I just fixed something, if you deploy again you should be good.


Working like a charm. Was it something I did that caused the initial problem?

Also how can we deploy multiple apps within the same site? Is it possible. I am designing project management applications and am making a full version and a lite version. Can they be deployed to same website?

You can deploy to the same domain, using subdomains (it’s a question for Godaddy again). for Bubble, they will be different apps.

(it was a bug on our end, fixed!)

How do you change the index page by something else?

It is on the edit menu, at the bottom.

Although you may be asking how to change the name of index to something else. Which I don’t think you can do, but you could do a redirect on index ?

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Yep, the home page has to be named index currently.

Hello Emanuel,
I am having this exact issue, after deploying my app to live. When previewing the app on live or development mode it shows a blank page. I spoke with my domain provider and they say that i need to allow some time to propagate. Seems strange because it worked for 15 mins
Is there anything i can do to solve this issue?

Thank you

UPDATE: Namecheap managed to fix the issue. Apparantly was something related to the DNS zone. All good

I’ve had TONS of problems with Namecheap in the past. DNS, SSL certs, customer support, even the UI/UX. Ever since moving DNS over to Cloudflare all my issues disappeared and couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend them if you’re ever in the market for a new provider.


Thanks for the feedback @philip. I will see how it goes and then if something goes wrong i might give it a try.