Button on Screen Input


Can anyone help on how to have an on screen number keyboard to enter a code to access a page.

How do I code the buttons to then put that into the text input?

I have added a photo so you know which I mean.


Have a custom state that is type text and then each button clicked run an action that uses the append function to append the value of whatever they clicked on to the custom state value.

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Hi Paul. I have tried this but couldn’t seem to get it working.

It’s simple…

Here’s an example I made a while ago for this:

Button Numbers (bubbleapps.io)

Hi Adam,

But in this case you disable the input, if is necessary to change the value manually and use the buttons its always assumes the button values?

Then just don’t disable the input… and update the value whenever the input value is changed as well as when the buttons are clicked.

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