Need help for add button for input

Hi there,
I have a problem. I want to create a “add” button like below to add new inputs in form. But i couldn’t figure it out how to. Can you help me please?

Did you ever figure this out?

Perhaps. They either gave up or did the lessons and stuff:


Hi, @hakandemirpolat This problem can be solved by using a repeating group with custom states (speedy option) or data type (not recommended). You can view how my solution works here.

First, we can create the required custom states within the page in an elements or the page itself. I’ve created 2 custom states of number type as "number" and "rows"
(list) in the repeating group. “number” is used to generate a unique number for the each item and “rows” list is used to store those generated numbers in the format of a list. You can see the implementation in the screen below.

Now it’s time for workflows. When the “add button” is clicked it triggers a workflow that starts with the action to set state of the custom state “number” as shown below.

Next we proceed to the next action of that workflow, that is to set state of the custom state “rows” as shown below.

Finally I’ve added a “remove button” for better user experience. You can see the triggred workflow of that below.

In case you feel confused on how this works, you can use the debugger on one step at a time to understand better when using the link i’ve provided.

Hope someone find this useful.