Button will be available after 24hrs?

Hi, is it possible to make a Button valid or clickable after 24hrs of clicking it?

ex. a user click a button then it will create a thing the thing will be the date of clicking the button… the user CAN’T click the button again until it reaches 24hrs

You have 2 options.

In the case you want to filter by user (each user have his 24 h freeze-time) then you should create a data base.
Add a date type and user type.

Then when click the button, create a new thing:
In date = current date/time + 24h
User = current user

Then go to button and create a conditional that if the time is less than the created one by the user x, disable the button.

If you want to do the same but for all users, then no need to create user type, just a date type, create a thing, then add +24 hours. Go to button add conditional for :last item

Live: https://lolcomp.bubbleapps.io/version-test/expire?debug_mode=true
Editor: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=expire&id=lolcomp&tab=tabs-1

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There is another option if you only have a single button or a couple of buttons and you want to do it for each user independently. You can add a field to the USER Type for each button that is a datetime. So a field called “Button1”. Then in the condition for the button do the same thing that @yusaney1 said.

This is pretty much the same idea without having to create an extra type.


But you have to create a type in users instead of button DB so this way also dont saves you from creating an extra type :joy:

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You don’t have to create a type in users, just a field. It is six of one/half dozen of another really, but adding the field to Users is minimally less complex. Again, that is only if you have a few buttons. If you are doing this for lots of elements, the table idea is better.

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Yeah i understand your point, just tried to give a solution for all the options/scenario.

Because the post dont specify if wants single or multiple button, all users or independently.

So i tried to do all the possible scenario in only one path instead of re-post


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great thank you for your big help :smiley:

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