Lost in Groups :-(

Hello everybody - i need to do one simple thing.
I have database Called “Daily entries” and i need to make new only ONE per day.
I need Button which can be visible ONLY if in database is not today date.
One entries = one day. I think is immpossible. :frowning: Thanks a lot !!!

Hi Nowakvet,

Who is doing the entries, yourself and manually?
So, what is the hard part, showing the button when there has not been an entry yet today?

That one would not be in the list of impossible things to achieve:

  1. Create button, and in its window go to ‘conditional’

  2. click 'Define another condition…then in ‘when’ do something like this ( where I took a database similar in name to your Daily entry):

what happens here → you extract the date from current time ( value between 1-31 depending on the day) and you detract the date of the last entry in your database…if the value is bigger then 1, today has not had an entry yet.

  1. after completing your condition you just wrote ( the ‘when thing’) , you click ‘select a property’ and choose 'this element is visible, and then proceed with checking its little check box

  2. You round of by going back to 'Appearance’in this window and you uncheck 'this element is visible on page load.

Of course the condition I wrote is not the best ( if you wait longer then a month for a new entry you might get a wrong result) but there are multipme ways to do that one. Let me know if this works for you…


WAW - it works like magic ! You are my hero - save my time. One thing will be different - instead of DAY i input DATE - because DAY = 0-6, and DATE is 1-31.
Thanks a lot one more time.

Yes, it should be two times DATE and not Day… glad to know it works for you.

But today problem :slight_smile: 1.1.2020 and tomorrow 31.1.2019 so 1-31 is -29